UK made robot and people asked Netflix star for help!

UK made robot and people asked Netflix star for help!

If there’s one thing I don’t like at all, it’s the fact that scientists are working on creating and developing robots that look like humans. After all, we’ve had the opportunity to see how it goes in the movies, and to tell you the truth, how good are any of them? Well, the situation gets complicated…

That said, we recently learned that a UK company called Engineer Arts has created a new robot called Ameka. The thing that attracted the most attention was that it is similar to humans. And as such, it appears that calls for help have started pouring in to Netflix and even the inboxes of one of Hollywood’s biggest stars. But what are we talking about?

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UK made robot and people asked Netflix star for help!

So it’s not too difficult to know what we’re talking about. After all, there is only one great actor who was known for his great fight with robots, and that is none other than Will Smith.

Thus, messages have been pouring in asking the actor to prepare for what is to come. And that everything could be as it happened in the movie “Projeto Gemini” which was so successful all over the world. But see below for some of the phrases given to the actor:

  • “I hope Will Smith is ready to save us…”
  • “This new robot has more expression than Bella from the movie Twilight! Will Smith please come here…”
  • Such a robot would still kill everyone! Will Smith warned us well…”
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In short, what do you think about the creation of these robots that have been in the news in recent times? I don’t think it’s too funny, it’s like a movie, but share your opinion with us in the comments below.

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