UK passes strict law on mobile phone use in transit

UK passes strict law on mobile phone use in transit
  • Cell phones will no longer be allowed while driving from 2022 onwards

  • The only way to contact the device is through support

  • The measure was highly praised by all sectors of civil society

From 2022 onwards, UK drivers will be banned from filming or searching any playlists on their mobile phones. The new rules are part of the government’s toughening of road safety laws.

It is currently illegal to make phone calls or send text messages while driving, with the only exception being if it is an emergency.

Transport Secretary and British MP Grant Shapps said “many deaths and injuries occur while cell phones are being insured.”

“By making it easier to prosecute people who use their phones illegally while driving, we are ensuring that the law is brought into the 21st century, and protects everyone on the road.”

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everything is not banned

Drivers will still be able to use their phones in certain situations, such as when using GPS navigation or receiving calls via speakerphone, as long as the cell phones are secured in a suitable holder.

Queues at drive-thru restaurants or at toll booths will also allow the use of telephones for contactless payments.

However, drivers can still be held responsible for accidents if the police find that they do not have proper control over the vehicle.

influence of society

According to the BBC, the response from civil society was overwhelmingly positive. The new law was proposed after a public consultation which found that 81% of respondents supported tightening the law.

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Mary Williams, chief executive of Brake, a road safety charity, said the changes that coincided with Road Safety Week were “very welcome”, especially by “families who have suffered grieving and devastating injuries due to the distraction of drivers by telephone. has suffered”.

Shapps concluded, “While our roads are among the safest in the world, we will continue to work tirelessly to make them safer, including our award-winning ‘Think!’ campaigns that challenge social norms among high-risk drivers.”

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