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The United Kingdom has proposed a 10-point recovery plan, a statement of epidemiological preparedness and a statement promoting open societies (image: REUTERS / Alessandro Bianchi)

Prime Minister of The uk, Boris Johnson, Is planning to hold a virtual meeting of leaders G7 On February 19 to form a front against the fight Coronavirus And start preparing a joint strategy for China.

Among the top diplomats who laid the groundwork, preliminary talks about how to deal with China and what text to use in the final communiqué of the June summit were also held, according to a diplomatic note seen by Bloomberg.

During the so-called Sherpa meeting last week, representatives of America The Beijing government emphasized the need to act with firmness and determination, while Canada stressed the importance of not leaving vaccination from poor countries in the hands of China and Russia, according to the document.

The United Kingdom has proposed a 10-point recovery plan, an epistemological preparedness statement and a statement promoting open societies, democratic values ​​and human rights, and three guests this year: Australia, South Korea and India.

Johnson invited three countries to this year’s stage, trying to establish the so-called D-10 coalition of democracy to face China. The proposal caused tension, with some expanding the group through the backdoor, while others worried that the coalition might turn into an anti-China front.

The UK has taken a sensitive time in trying to rebuild trust in multilateral institutions that fell short during the Trump administration, while trying to chart its own post-Brexit path.

A UK government spokesman declined to comment.

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