UK schools tell parents not to let their children watch the squid game series

UK schools tell parents not to let their children watch the squid game series

Several schools across England are asking parents of their students to stop their children from watching the South Korean series “Squid Game”, which is currently the most-watched series on Netflix in more than 90 countries, including Portugal And is recommended for audiences over 15 years old. old.

With unprecedented global success, the South Korean dystopian drama, created by Hwang Dong-hyuk, imagines a terrifying world in which marginalized people are pitted against each other in traditional children’s play. While the winner can win millions in cash, the loser gets killed.

“Hundreds of bankrupt players accept a strange invitation to compete in a children’s game. The prizes that await them are tempting, but the consequences are deadly,” summarizes Netflix.

Speaking to the BBC, Gareth Nichols of Sir Francis Hill Primary School in Lincoln said that “a small group of students, aged about six years, were inside the school” discussing the series and “some scenes from the series”. acting”. This responsible also said that the teacher of these students immediately contacted the parents of the children.

He told BBC Nichols, “He advised them to check the accessibility of the devices in their homes because students could be watching the series without their knowledge.”

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