UK to expand income and security program by September

Under the fake scheme, the government paid up to 80% to those who cannot work due to the epidemic.

EFE / EPA / LEON NEALThe government will also increase the number of self-employed workers who may benefit from financial assistance.

Even with mass vaccination, a significant drop in deaths, infected people, and expiration dates Lockdown, The British know that the country’s economy will take a long time to recover: 2021 is a year that is practically lost from the point of view of economic activity. So much so that the conservative cabinet Boris johnson Wednesday, 3, the expansion of the conservation and income program implemented at the beginning of the epidemic. The call Fake scheme Pays up to 80% of the salaries of those who cannot work due to lockdown and the consequences of Coronavirus. The program will be active until September this year – a year and a half ahead of the state supporting private sector jobs.

The government will also increase the number of self-employed workers who can publicly avail financial support from the coffin. In total, the program helped maintain more than 11 million jobs during the epidemic. Nevertheless, the unemployment rate there is increasing due to the economic impact. Today it is closer to 5% – which sounds more like a dream than a Brazilian reality, but it is a dangerous index for local reality. Despite all this effort, the British economy fell to around 10% in 2020 and is expected to contract this quarter due to GDP locking.

Meanwhile, the British government continued to search for the man who tested positive for the Manaus P1 variant England. The local health minister said that 379 addresses were discovered in southeastern England. Tested positive for six people Brazil version. One has not been identified and local authorities have searched intensively since the beginning of the week. The Manaus variant could put the great vaccination effort at risk here and the government wants to minimize the risk to find the person who possibly came from Brazil to England, as do the other five confirmed cases.

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