UK to try to mix COVID-19 and flu vaccines

UK to try to mix COVID-19 and flu vaccines

The Telegraph revealed that a factory in Oxford will try to mix the Kovid-19 and flu vaccines.

The Vaccine Manufacturing and Innovation Center (VMIC), a British government-backed project that will open this year, seeks to combine a COVID-19 and flu vaccine in an effort to cut production times.

In addition, the combined COVID-19 and influenza vaccine will facilitate the delivery process, especially if future doses against COVID-19 are needed.

“It will save us a lot of time and it will be more convenient to do just one dose, so we and vaccine manufacturers will look into this,” said Matthew Deutschers, CEO of VMIC.

“If we need to give a seasonal vaccine, and people need one dose for flu, one dose for covid-19, and another dose for anything else, if we can combine them all into one vaccine, So it’s clearly better,” Deutscher told .

The VMIC involved an investment of £200 million (over 1.5 billion reais) by the British government. When it is in operation, it will have the capacity to produce 70 million doses of the vaccine in a span of four or five months.

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