Ultraconservative and religious fanatic, former NBA encourages invasion into the United States – more games

Ultraconservative and religious fanatic, former NBA encourages invasion into the United States - more games

David wood

Although the end of his presidency could not have been more chaotic, there is no denying this Donald Trump
Many followers and his legacy among the American people will forever be affected by the attack of his supporters on the US Congress Joe Biden
Was confirmed as the 46th President of the United States. Altogether four people died

Among the supporters of the invasion, a well-known name. Former basketball player, David wood
, Who played in more than eight teams NBA
And won a Spanish league and was runner-up for Barcelona in 1990.

The 56-year-old former player posted yesterday’s photos on his Facebook account and even condemned the alleged electoral fraud against Trump in a video. Wood appears in photographs wearing a United States flag coat.

An idol of Barca fans in his time as a player, he later also played for five other Spanish teams (Busconia, Uniquaja, Murcia, Canaria and Fualebrada) due to his ability to fight on the court. After his retirement from basketball in 2003, the player has stood out for his ultra-conservative positions and for his religious bigotry.

During the protest, he took a huge Viking-style horn and encouraged the invasion of the people by Congress, however, he guarantees that he did not invade the Capitol.

“People are angry because their votes don’t count, because votes are not cast and I don’t blame them for that. I don’t support very angry energy and I didn’t know anyone in the Capitol tonight “I was not there to protest, but to pray and watch. I love you all,” he said on his social media.

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