Unbeaten for almost 30 years, the US beat Australia to win gold in women’s basketball. olympics

Unbeaten for almost 30 years, the US beat Australia to win gold in women's basketball.  olympics

I couldn’t even talk about the Olympic rivalry. The United States overtook Australia in the final of the women’s basketball tournament at the Tokyo-2020 Games and are favorites on their way to a seventh consecutive gold medal in team sports for women. A three-time runner-up in the American Hexa between Atlanta-1996 and Rio-2016, the Australian was an easy prey from the first quarter and crashed out of the Olympics with a score of 79 to 55. Brenna Stewart was the basket with 23 points

Brittany Griner celebrates America’s win over Australia – Photo: REUTERS

The United States achieved its 52nd consecutive victory at the Olympics. The last defeat came in the semi-finals of Barcelona–1992 to the Unified Team of the Independent States, which brought together the former republics of the Soviet Union. Since then, only victories, which began over Cuba guaranteed bronze, and six gold medals.

If Brazil won silver in Atlanta–1996, Australia suffered in Sydney–2000, Athens–2004 and Beijing–2008, but it was not able to implement the tradition and difficulties in Tokyo. With the win by a margin of 24 points, the United States faces Serbia, which eliminated China the following Friday, at 1:40 (GMT) 77 x 70.

Kevin Durant and the stars of the American Dream Team cheer for the women’s team – Photo: Reuters / Brian Snyder

American Avalanche from the Beginning

The match also began to indicate a balance in Saitama’s Super Arena. Australia scored the first two points and the score went from 6 to 6. That’s when the United States took the reins of the game and shot to stay. There were three minutes where practically only the six-time Olympic champion played until he made it 21 to 6. This advantage conditioned the entire sequence of the match and the opening quarter ended 26 to 12.

Brittany Griner scores in the win over Australia – Photo: Reuters/Sergio Perez

Australia struck a balance in the second period as well. With a shot of three by Mariana Tolo, she took five points off the loss, but the reality was short-lived. The game there, give it here lasted until the final two minutes, when only the Americans hit the balls and increased their superiority from 21 points: 48 to 27.

At this point, the Australians were already in the mood to bid goodbye to the Olympic Games, while the Americans kept pace with the sight of a semi-final against Serbia. While Australia messed around wildly, the United States had an almost perfect game, and lost another eight points in the third quarter, bringing the score to 68–39.

With the victory confirmed, coach Don Staley began running the team, putting practically the entire bench on the court and watching Australia reduce the advantage. In the end the American win from 79 to 55.

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