Understand how a Brazilian company intends to revolutionize the NFT landscape with Cryptoplayers

Understand how a Brazilian company intends to revolutionize the NFT landscape with Cryptoplayers

The taste of collecting sticker albums is rooted in Brazilian culture, especially during the World Cup. Almost everyone’s childhood in Brazil was marked by the exchange of stickers in schools and on the streets, in addition to games such as “breath games”.

In times of new digital transformations, interaction with technology is increasingly essential. With this, comes crypto playerA digital platform built for only three months, where participants will be able to collect digital figurines of the most diverse athletes combined with investments in the world of NFTs.

Digital Chip Album? NFT? Understand what cryptoplayers are!

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hey estado spoke exclusively with diogo ruizo, CEO of the project. He emphasized on several occasions that it aims to combine the future – already existing – investment in NFTs with the fun characteristic of Brazilians, who have been obsessed with football since childhood, always looking for a way to play the sport. fun with.

“Fun first,” said Ruiz. “We don’t talk about ‘investing’. It could be that the project explodes. But that’s not our speech. Our speech is about having fun. Using technology, learning to have fun. This one Democratizing business is what will change our lives, if it hasn’t changed already”. It is more than a game or an investment. It’s an opportunity to enter an unknown, promising world, in a playful way and with the potential to deliver great results.”

But what is NFT after all?

For a broader understanding, we can say that NFT is a digital asset. Ruiz compares it to a work of art. Yes, it is possible to print a photo of the Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci. But that is not a real painting. An NFT enters in this direction. “As we live more and more in this virtual world, we also want things that are real,” said the CEO. “We want our digital works to be real.”

In Cryptoplayers, the player will make an initial investment, make a purchase, and own collectible cards such as football player stickers from an album. From there, it will be possible to exchange with other participants, as well as play games in which cards will be placed as prizes. “And I would say more: it is not just a matter of holding possession and saying that you have it. What the NFT allows is the access it will bring you.”

Ruiz points out that there are other strategies for making a business attractive. He says that, in a given week, anyone who had three cryptoplayers could choose a shirt from a selection of their choice when they entered the competition. “Why doesn’t anyone who has the full album compete for the trip to Qatar to watch the World Cup final?”, he asked.

“Digital allows us to do this very easily. And technology is on our side, because it guarantees the authentication is yours”, he explained. “I really believe in this hybrid life. We’ll be living virtual, but we’ll also be living physical. We want to bring that to Cryptoplayer.”

how images work

The figurines, first of all, act like ‘real life’ stickers. A participant can get a player of his choice. There are differences in values, skills and runs. But, cryptoplayers are not limited to this only. Ruiz tells estado The idea is to reach the masses in the form of a ‘digital cup album’, but it aims to be ever-evolving.

Feather play to earn, the participant can play with a normal card. For example, in the case of five consecutive wins, the system provides a ‘potion’ to enhance the player’s skill. For example, by winning a league, it is possible to win a card with a higher capacity. And so on.

“The sticker will be the trigger for the game”, says the CEO. “There are two things. The first is that everyone will be able to play. It will be accessible to everyone. Anyone who does not want to play betting will be able to play normally. Anyone who wants to play for investment purposes will also be able to.” To be”, he insisted. “This business of limiting emerging technologies to too few people is wrong. It’s wrong.”


The world of technology is increasingly requiring people to engage in digital business. However, the scenario is still timid and creates many uncertainties. But, Ruiz trusts his project and guarantees that there is nothing like a cryptoplayer in Brazil and in the world. “This is definitely the first Copa album in the metaverse”, he guaranteed.

“He is a leader within the collection proposition, he is a leader within the game roadmap (a kind of ‘map’ intended to organize the development goals of the software) that he seeks to bring in. And he is a leader in the use of technology. I Will say it again: What we’re doing is already there. The album already exists. A ‘super asset’ already exists. But we make a mix”, he said.

Ruiz portrayed his explanation in this way play to earn, not saying that it is much more than just the dynamism of a fantasy by taking advantage of the features of RPG and strategy card games. “I don’t mind saying that it’s not just World Cup related. It could transfer to many other stories, including your own cryptoplayer.”

Who can participate and how to do it

Cryptoplayers are very interested in facilitating access for those who are interested. The most affordable crypto players cost R$10 and can be purchased for PIX. The platform also does publicity, in which this amount can be reduced.

“We give you all the steps to start your collection”, assures Ruiz. “From creating your own crypto wallet, to effectively holding NFTs, to processing purchases. It can also use cryptocurrency. But as we know most people are first-time acquisitions, we all Some are offering support. We have a tutorial and a team fully available to help people enter this universe.”

“We are experiencing the same kind of experience when the internet started, which we had to access at dawn”, he compared. “It’s the early frustration of technology debut. But we insist on being patient, which is just the beginning. It’s going to get better every day, and that’s what we’re doing.”


In the short term, Cryptoplayers schedules the ‘Super Trump Card’ so that between April and May it is already available to collectors. The project now also starts with seed investment and development of new games to come to leverage the business. play to earnIn which collectors can be like true managers of their teams. This model is expected to be launched in August.

In the long run, Ruiz was very clear: “For the next few years, of course, this will be one of the biggest NFT games in the world. The team we’re bringing together and the ones we already have are close to us.” “I have no doubt that we have the potential. The ocean is blue. Nobody is doing it for us. It’s a super different,” he said. “He who runs first, drinks the purest water”, he compared.


Cryptoplayers, Ruiz explains, are already making money. Cryptoplayers, as a currency of value, are based on digital assets. The CEO estimates that over 20,000 BRLs have already been sold in cryptoplayers. “We are expected to make over $100 million by the end of the year with this collection alone”, he estimated. “The expectation is for a higher margin because this is a technology company,” he explained. “Building up the initial infrastructure is expensive. And then we know that cash generation is very high with high profitability.”

expansion project

Cryptoplayers don’t have stickers of real players, but hope is for the same. “I was talking to Tiago Leifert and he said something really cool and this is a dynamic that we want in Cryptoplayer,” the CEO said. “It’s not us who would like to have a player in Cryptoplayer. It is the player who would want to be here.”

Because it’s a playful game, it doesn’t necessarily correlate with the real world, Ruiz explained. “Maybe it’s the real world that Ludick wants to live in, not the other way around,” he said.

how to get people interested

“Man, I think we are a country of football. We are a country that despite all the adversities of infrastructure, technology, we are one of the countries that use the most apps in the world, social networks in general We are a country of curious people, people who want to be part of it, regardless of all the difficulties of the world,” Ruiz said.

“I repeat that the project has a global reach. We have people who buy in the United States, people who buy in China, Europe … Of course, for now, our strength is more in Brazil because the project started here It’s. Brazilian. But we can clearly see that this project works around the world. It’s technology, isn’t it? There are no barriers.”

“So this is the final message. We are going to cooperate for the democratization of an emerging technology, but one that will revolutionize our lives”, he concluded.

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