Understand How the NFL Draft Works

Understand How the NFL Draft Works

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The draft headlines the NFL’s off-season, also known as the off-season. This season, the recruitment will take place from April 28 to 30, with all franchises participating, where future players will be selected to be a part of their respective squads.

Like every year, the opening round takes place on the first day. On the second day, players from rounds 2 and 3 are chosen, thus ending on Saturday, when the last four rounds take place.

But what is the NFL Draft anyway?

As mentioned above, this is nothing more than the recruitment of match-playing players into universities across the US country. But beyond that, franchises analyze which pieces are the best for their artists, in addition outline a strategy for selecting certain pieces that may be important to another team.

Since 1936, rosters have been drafted with the intention of balancing, bringing in new pieces. This event is always held at different places with the intention of attracting more and more people. In some cases, there are long queues of fans to win tickets, as there is no charge. One of the great hopes of fans of the game of oval ball is who will be able to succeed in the main American football league, other than who will only live up to the promise. There are instances of both sides often, in some cases, players not even playing for the franchise in the regular season.

Understand how it will work this year and your choices

For this 2022 season, there will be 262 picks among 32 franchises in Las Vegas, Nevada. However, some teams will make their choice in other countries and Brazil will also be a part of the moment. The Miami Dolphins, a team formerly competing in AFC East, will make their choice at Cristo Redentor, located in Rio de Janeiro. In addition to “Dolphins”, Great Britain, Germany and Mexico were the countries chosen to announce the choices. Check below where the locations will be:

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Germany: Carolina Panthers, Kansas City Chiefs and Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Munich, where the first game in NFL history will be played in the German country;

Brazil: Miami Dolphins – will be the only franchise to draft its players in a country that has never hosted an NFL game;

Mexico: The Arizona Cardinals, Houston Texans and Pittsburgh Steelers – the neighbors of the Americans, announced that games would take place in its territory, especially the Cardinals;

United Kingdom: The venue is known for hosting a few matches during the season at the traditional Wembley Stadium – the Chicago Bears, Jacksonville Jaguars and New York Jets.

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In theory, the franchise that did the worst last season would have the first overall pick. It’s a moment of great anticipation, as the player being recruited is taken as a great promise who may seek revenge in the future. However, for many analysts this year the class of players in some positions is significantly lower than in recent years, but anything can happen.

But, in addition to following the sequence of campaigns from worst to best, another factor is important: exchanges or even future choices for players. This happens normally, and it may also happen that some franchises do not select players in certain rounds because of these exchanges.

This is the case for franchises such as the Cleveland Browns, Las Vegas Raiders, Denver Broncos, Dallas Cowboys and San Francisco 49ers, as well as the defending Super Bowl champion, the Los Angeles Rams, who will only be in action from the second round.

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Where to follow the NFL Draft?

During the three-day event, ESPN and Star+ will air all the pics this Thursday (28) starting at 9 PM. On Fridays, rounds 2 and 3 start at 8 pm, while on Saturdays at 1 pm. In addition, the NFL Game Pass platform will make the event available free of charge on the third day’s picks.

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