Understand the United States’ relationship with the creation of the Super League – 04/19/2021

Understand the United States’ relationship with the creation of the Super League – 04/19/2021

The Super League was announced last Sunday and a new model is to be adopted in football. The competition is being formed by 20 teams and will have no access or charges, which compares the NBA and NFL structures in the United States.

However, the relationship between the tournament and the United States goes beyond the new format, with the investment of bank JP Morgan promising to generate a lot more funding for the founding clubs. The intention is that more than $ 4 billion will be injected. In addition to the financial institution, three English clubs are run by American businessmen.

Joel glazer

The Glazer family owns the Manchester United and Tampa Bay Buccaneers, an American football franchise. The president is expected to become the vice-president of the European Super League and is one of the biggest supporters for the emergence of a new competition.

– By bringing together the world’s best clubs and players during the season, the Super League will open a new chapter for football, ensuring competition and first-class facilities – he guaranteed.

Stan Cronke

The businessman owns Arsenal and has total assets of around 7 billion euros. The 73-year-old billionaire also owns the Los Angeles Rams, NFL, Denver Nuggets, NBA, Colorado Rapid, MLS and Colorado Avalanche, NHL.

John W. Henry

Henry owns Fenway Sports Group, which owns the Boston Red Sox of Liverpool and MLB. Despite opposition from English club fans, the businessman with a fortune of over 2 billion is expected to be one of the superliga executives.

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