Understand what changes happen in the WhatsApp update and see what the meme, negative consequences and the reaction of governments are

Since the beginning of this year is more Two billion whatsapp users Receiving alerts about Update application rules, Which must be accepted by 8 February. Anyone who does not agree will not be able to use only Messenger. But what will change with these new contracts? See the end of this article for a list.

In short, updating the terms and privacy policy expands the integration between WhatsApp and Facebook, which owns Messenger. When in doubt, many people are afraid to give “accepted” and are migrating to other applications, such as Telegram and Signal, which saw a significant increase in the number of users due to the controversy involved.


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The sudden increase in the number of new fans forced Signal to employ more staff to strengthen service and infrastructure. While Telegram is more popular between these two, after entering 25 million users in just three days, it has crossed the 500 million user mark.

Without apology, Telegram used his Twitter account to make fun of the controversy surrounding WhatsApp and the negative consequences of the case. The @Telegram account released an image of the coffin meme, which spread on social media in early 2020 to mock the death of an alleged rival after users criticized the new privacy policy. Another very successful meme was used that shows two Spider-Man characters facing each other, in this case, Facebook and WhatsApp.

It was not just Internet users who were against the new WhatsApp rules. Some governments have opposed this, such as Turkey, which investigated the case. In Brazil, the Consumer Protection Institute (Idec) contacted by EXTRA stated that the new WhatsApp rules are “the study phase of the policy and its implications, so as to verify the probability or necessity of certain measurements”.

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Still in Brazil, Facebook was informed by Procon-SP to clarify on this update of WhatsApp. The time limit of reply is 72 hours. The company must notify the Privacy Policy of the General Data Protection Legislation, which comes into effect from September 2020, which addresses the treatment and storage of personal data and restores control of information to the data holder.

Procon-SP still wants to know if the new policy fits into the Consumer Protection Code. In a note, WhatsApp said that it was available to provide the necessary explanation.

Who does not agree will be unable to use the application: Got it

No sharing option

The main change is in sharing information with other companies in the Facebook group. In the previous version of the privacy policy, which came into effect from December 2019, the transfer of data was optional: “If you already use WhatsApp, you can use your WhatsApp account data with Facebook to improve your advertising experiences. Can choose not to share. And products on Facebook ”, within 30 days of acceptance, said excerpts from the current version. And the relationship between the messaging app and Mark Zuckerberg’s group has strengthened. In the previous version, Facebook was mentioned 15 times in the privacy policy and twice in the context of services. Now, there are 38 times in the privacy policy and 11 in terms of service.

Contact between people and businesses

With negative results, WhatsApp director Will Cathcart on Facebook used a social network to reassure users. According to the executive, the update refers to business communication and “does not change WhatsApp’s data sharing practices with Facebook”. “We updated our policies to be transparent and better describe the tools of alternative business people,” said Cathart. In fact, an item is included in the “Data provided by you” section of the Privacy Policy, which is specific to transactions and payments. And “data was automatically collected”, item “Commercial and Payment Resources” was included. In the “Third Party Data” section, there is now a special section for “companies on WhatsApp”, noting that when users exchange messages “with a company”, the content you share is shared with that company. Can be seen by many people ”. In October, the company announced plans to offer new services for commercial accounts, such as finalizing direct purchases through applications and hosting and managing customer service.

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Facebook access data

A previous version of the Privacy Policy was already provided for the exchange of user information between group companies, but has now become mandatory. The social network may already use WhatsApp data to show suggestions (for example, from friends, contacts or interesting content) and relevant offers and advertisements. “This update doesn’t affect privacy any more than before,” says Claudio Martinelli, general director of Kaspersky, Latin America, adding that WhatsApp has been a Facebook application. Conversations have not been breached, and will continue to be preserved, but Facebook improves the tool for personalized offers using data from offers ”. The new privacy policy maintains end-to-end encryption, i.e. WhatsApp also does not have access to the content of messages and calls. Advertising is still banned. But the new rules open the way for integration with other platforms in the group. “For example, allows you to connect your Facebook Pay account to pay on WhatsApp or enable interaction with your friends on other products from Facebook companies,” the contract states.

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