United Kingdom launches 3 lockdowns to prevent coronovirus mutation

United Kingdom launches 3 lockdowns to prevent coronovirus mutation

Hey The uk The country entered its third lockdown this Tuesday (5) to curb the increase in Kovid-19 cases.

The determination to keep the British at home is an attempt to include the most infectious version of coronovirus as the vaccine progresses.

  • See what is already known about the mutation in Britain
  • In Brazil, the variant was confirmed in 2 cases of sp.

In England alone, around 27,000 people suffer from the disease, 40% more than the number recorded at the peak of the epidemic in April.

Government statistics show that The UK reached another daily record for Kovid-19 cases, With 58,784 newly infected. This is the seventh consecutive day in British territory with over 50 thousand cases.

See third lockout ban in England:

  • All must remain at home, except for authorized exceptions (see below);
  • Schools should close immediately and migrate to full distance education at least by mid-February;
  • Restaurants, bars and cafes must be closed and will not be able to serve in their salons (see more below);
  • Outdoor sports venues, such as golf courses and tennis courts, will remain closed;
  • The practice of team sports is prohibited for amateurs.

People are allowed to leave the house only in case of medical requirements, food procurement, physical exercise and face-to-face work, when it is unavoidable.

Team sports will only be allowed at the professional level, such as Premier League football matches, English Premier League.

On the first day of the new lockdown in England, passengers are wearing a mask at London’s Waterloo station – Photo: Justin Tallow / GP

Some activities will be restricted or banned until mid-February, the deadline for the four priority vaccination groups to receive the first dose of vaccine against the disease.

The priority group consists of more than 50 citizens, nursing home workers, healthcare workers and people between 16 and 64 with comradeship.

The United Kingdom levies two vaccines against Kovid, one made by pharmaceutical companies Pfizer and BioNotech and the other by the University of Oxford in partnership with AstraZeneca. More than 1 million people have received the first dose.

Announcing the new imprisonment, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said on Monday (4) that “the coming weeks will be the toughest:”

“As I speak to you tonight, our hospitals are under more pressure for Kovid than at any time since the epidemic began,” he said.

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