United Kingdom studies ‘Vaccine passport’ economy to enter pubs and supermarkets

United Kingdom studies 'Vaccine passport' economy to enter pubs and supermarkets

British who are not vaccinated can stay outside commercial establishments
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British who are not vaccinated can stay outside commercial establishments

The uk
Studies the possibility of using Vaccine passport
within the country. The document will be used to allow entry into commercial establishments, such as pubs and supermarkets, only for those who have already been vaccinated. This was reported from Foreign Minister Dominic Rabb in an interview with LBC Radio on Sunday (14).

Statement that Document
Consideration within the country came after a series of government denials. According to the government press office consulted by the Daily Mail, the vaccine passport is “not being considered internally”. According to the government, the document would be considered “discriminatory”.

For the government, only the vaccine passport will be used International transport
, For other countries to prove that UK citizens received the vaccine. Countries like Spain have said that they will allow vaccinated Britons to enter.

According to Rab, however, the document could also be used within the UK. When asked about it on the radio, the politician replied that “it is something that has not been abandoned. It is under consideration. But of course you need to make it viable.”

“You have to know that the document being presented is something that you can trust,” the minister said.

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