United States and United Kingdom: Adherence to reusable packaging is still insufficient

Hailed with enthusiasm by brand owners and activists, the sphere of circular packaging lays good ground for mounting a hip parade on the other side of the counter. A survey conducted in November by the English company PA Consulting with 4,000 end consumers in the United States and the United Kingdom found that 77% of respondents do not choose products based on the fact that they are reusable or recyclable. Sold in packaging. What’s more: As the Sustainable Plastics and Plastics News websites report, 45% said they don’t take any recyclable materials to collection bins or recycling centers.

The biggest difference between the two countries came from the question about how respondents participate in recycling journeys. The survey shows that 46% of North American residents use selective collection bins or voluntary deposit centers, while in the United Kingdom this rate rises to 64%.

The survey also showed varying attitudes regarding reusable packaging by income range. It showed that 75% of respondents in the higher income range (in the US$100,000 per year range) use non-single-use cups, while 55% in the lower income range (annual income less than US$49,999) do the same . Saving money by choosing reusable packaging seems like a motivation for 58% of respondents to adopt this approach. 71% said they would accept this option if they got points at an establishment to save on food and drink purchases. Barriers cited by consumers in interviews to adherence to reusable packaging: forgetting to take this packaging with them when shopping; Inconvenience from the need to clean it after use; The hassle of storing the packaging at home for re-use and finally, the expense of purchasing it in advance before use and re-use in retail stores.

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