United States in 2020: under new direction

United States in 2020: under new direction

Able to change the political direction not only of the country but of the entire planet, the United States presidential election has attracted unprecedented attention. It split up, like everything else, before and after the epidemic. From a leader in elections, driven by the fast-growing economy and sharp gestures in international politics, Donald Trump found himself steadily falling in voting intentions, pushed by the virus crisis, economic recession and poor handling of record unemployment. Fewer people were expected in early 2020: Overcrowded with anti-Trump sentiment, Democrat Joe Biden, a 78-year-old senator who was Barack Obama’s deputy, won the election. More than half of American voters, who voted for him and around the world, breathed a sigh of relief for the restoration of American power, as it was known before Trumpist motor graders – which is not very creative, with alcoholic, I grew up I appreciate the propagandist of autocratic and rude tweets in letters. The White House is now run by a man who is universally regarded as good and well, married to Jill, a teacher, who is a Ph.D. More stable employment in your area (which you intend to keep).

Biden is expected to establish a government that would, at least in this first moment, be the exact antidote to the Trump era. It is expected to implement large-scale antiwar policies in the country, to return immigrants to the United States Paris Climate Agreement and to implement stricter policies to control the epidemic, which is the champion in contagion and deaths. Even the fight with China should continue, kicking off the expired mandate, but more respectfully. The incoming team has an unprecedented number of women and blacks, a Latino in charge of immigration policy, and a trans military in the Department of Defense Advisor. Vice, not to mention Kamala Harris, the daughter of Jamaica’s father and Indian mother, the ace of communications on the network, and, of course, the central figure in the next four years – after which, if all goes well, accordingly, the president’s Will run for Kamala Harris vs. Donald Trump (who are promising to return) – This controversy promises.

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