University of Sydney, Australia, offers scholarships up to R$150,000 – 07/04/2021

University of Sydney, Australia, offers scholarships up to R$150,000 - 07/04/2021

a University of SydneyIn Australia, there is open enrollment for scholarships of up to 40 thousand Australian dollars (BRL 152,220) in undergraduate and masters courses. The institution, created in 1850, is rated as one of the best in the world, occupying 38th place according to the QS ranking.

Interested parties must apply by July 5. To apply for one of the scholarships, you must have applied for one of the Bachelor’s or Master’s courses The university offered to fulfill the order during registration. According to the university website, “Scholarships will be offered subject to availability of funds”.

Selection criteria for the scholarship are based on academic merit, assessed during the analysis of documents sent for admission, and selected by a “selection committee of two appointed by university authorities”.

There are four types of scholarships available:

  • 40,000 Australian dollars for one year in consecutive semesters of a course;
  • 20,000 Australian dollars for one semester;
  • 10,000 Australian dollars for one semester;
  • 5,000 Australian dollars for one semester.

No additional forms are required. See here how to apply for bachelor’s and master’s programs. The VCIS Scholarship only covers the first year of the course and it is not possible to renew it in subsequent years.

In Sydney, as in all of Australia, it is possible to work to cover tuition costs in the years following graduation.

More information about the scholarship here.

*this textScholarship up to $40,000 to the University of Sydney Scholarship“Originally published in the Estudar Fora Portal of the Estudar Foundation.

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