Unreal Engine 5 clip shows off beautiful next-generation visuals

Unreal Engine 5 clip shows off beautiful next-generation visuals

This Monday (9), a post shared on Twitter went viral. The clip displays stunning views of a railway station unreal engine 5 And easily confuses reality with fiction.

according to user yurukuyaru, the new generation graphics engine was used in a prototype to reproduce the Echo-Daemon station, located in the city of Imizu, Japan. Project volunteers turned real scenarios into video games and took a detailed look at technology to enhance the game’s graphical quality.

The clip, which sets an atmosphere of horror, has maximum improvements in technical details, such as lights, reflections and shadows. Also, after a few seconds, the weather conditions at that place change, with darkness, fog and many particle effects. Check out the video below:

Unreal Engine 5 in weight for the studio

The new version of the Epic Games graphics engine is already being implemented by several developers. So far, studios prefer CI Games, Eidos Montreal, BioWare, cd project red And others are planning to implement this feature in their future projects.

What did you think of the demo? Do you believe that Unreal Engine 5 has the potential to revolutionize the gaming universe? Give your opinion in comment.

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