Unusual shark attack in Australia leaves man in critical condition

Unusual shark attack in Australia leaves man in critical condition

UA man swimming in the Swan River, Australia, on Wednesday morning, the shark that attacked the species’s first attack on the river since 1969, has been bitten.

The victim, writes the international press, was saved by kayakers And would have been attacked by a bull shark approximately 2/3 meters long.

Australian authorities require an attack to take place in the nature reserve Blackwall Reich, Perth and the man were later referred to the Royal Perth Hospital in a critical condition with injuries to their upper legs.

The city of Perth, it should be noted, is known to have white sharks on its beaches, but the species has not been seen in the river for many years.

Attacks on the sea-flowing Swan River in Port City south of Perth are common Unusual. The last attack is from 1969 and previous data report the death of a swimmer in 1923 who was bitten.

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