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Even the US authority NHTSA should have nothing against this gimmick: they recently announced a recall of the boombox function, which Tesla announced via a radio update in the USA at the end of 2020. Presented. It allows you to play any music and noise through external speakers, which is a security risk to the agency, which should be eliminated with a new software version. First, Tesla is rolling out another non-mandatory function with another update that probably doesn’t pose any recall risk.

Tesla Facility from China to Worldwide

In early February, Chinese customers first got a new function, known as Colorizer in English: you can use it to independently set the color in your own Tesla app and vehicle screen. appears on. instead of five tesla colors So now the complete palette is available, plus you can choose it as a regular, metallic or matte finish. After saving, the corresponding Tesla is displayed separately in the app and in the car, but the original color is available as a backup.

After Colorizer first arrived in China with software version 2022.2.1, it also arrived in the West with 2022.4.5 from last week. As revealed on Twitter, the feature was also developed in China. This was first written by a well-known Tesla observer there and then confirmed by CEO Elon Musk by liking this message. Tesla operates its own R&D center from software to hardware at its Gigafactory in the country and as per current reports, is also looking to set up a design center in Beijing.

The fact that the Color Ceremony comes from China is a good fit, as the cars are apparently wrapped in different colors than in the West. in the summer of 2020 Tesla also set up a service for this in five cities. One. Anyone who has used this or any other foil offer no longer has to live with the fact that their Tesla doesn’t show up in the correct color on the screen and in the app. And of course everyone can use the Colorizer to see what their own car would look like with a different finish, or just play around with it.

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BMW with a real color changing electric car

For example, YouTube channel The Kilowatts quickly recognized this and published a short video (see above) on Twitter last week. Tesla Software 2022.4.5 is a “game changer,” he wrote, and showed how using Colorizer changed not only the displayed Tesla exterior color, but the actual one. Of course, it was just a ploy, as other Twitter users quickly discovered from the minor errors. But it won’t be impossible: At the CES trade fair this January, BMW presented its electric car IX with a special cover that can at least change the exterior color from white to gray to black.

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