Update removes Free Prime and introduces patent-free matchmaking

Update removes Free Prime and introduces patent-free matchmaking

Always heavily criticized by the community for its lack of engagement with the platform, Valve has released a drastic update to its CS:GO servers. Starting this Thursday (3), Prime status can only be obtained by purchase.

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Non-key players lose XP gains, rankings, drops and access to skill groups. This solution makes it a free way to purchase a Prime account that no longer exists. The company justified the change by saying that the free way to obtain an account with a prominent seal allowed malicious people to disrupt the experience of new players and existing ones.

The publication has taken the public via Twitter and reactions to the update have been mixed. Some argue that at least now cheaters will have to take money out of their pockets to stop players, but many criticize the fact that a significant portion of the game is being re-charged. Upgrade to Prime costs R$83.99. Remember that Counter-Strike: Global Offensive went free three years ago.

Players who already have some sort of ranking and XP, but have not yet achieved Prime, will have two weeks to maintain their current score.

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In addition, the new update also introduced an unranked matchmaking mode, i.e. a competitive mode where the player’s skill group is not affected.

The update also comes to address one of the main criticisms from the CS:GO community regarding the casual mode, which has always been a target of clutter. This new mode will now be available only for Prime accounts.

To see the original score on the official Counter Strike: Global Offensive blog, Click here.

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