Update to WhatsApp Web eliminates the need for mobile internet and multiple access

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Meta Group (formerly Facebook) released a new update this Friday (5) that allows users to use WhatsApp Web on their cell phones without the need for internet. WhatsApp Web was released in 2015, and is one of the biggest updates to the messaging application version for computer browsers.

Another function that the new update has made available is the ability to link up to four devices to a single account. Messages sent to mobile numbers registered in WhatsApp will be synchronized in real time across all devices.

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To access the new WhatsApp Web functionality, it is necessary to perform a QR code authentication using the mobile phone with the WhatsApp application installed.

After scanning the QR code that will appear when accessing WhatsApp Web, the browser version will briefly download the messages stored on the phone. Then, the user will be able to send messages without an internet connection on the cell phone.

The WhatsApp Web update this Friday is one of the most talked about issues on the social network. However, some users may not have access to the new functionality provided by Meta Group, as the browser version of the application is in beta mode.

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