US $ 900 billion package in USA and inflation in Brazil highlights preview day Exchange and Index

US $ 900 billion package in USA and inflation in Brazil highlights preview day Exchange and Index

Scientists said the market became slightly less fearful of the new strain of coronavirus on Tuesday (22) after vaccination became effective against mutations. And in the United States, the Senate has finally approved a $ 900 billion economy stimulus package, a news that also gives investors relief.

The bill now goes to the White House, where it must be approved by President Donald Trump. In the Senate, there were 91 votes in favor and 7 against. The package was approved by the House on Monday evening. In the Chamber, there were 359 votes in favor and 53 against.

In Brazil, the December data of the expanded National Consumer Price Index 15 (IPCA-15), which is considered a preview of official inflation, is the highlight of this Tuesday (22), at a time when inflation has touched Rs. People more intensely.

The indicator should remain on the market radar, as it may show clues about a generalized increase in prices in the economy projected for early 2021.

In the evaluation of economists from Itau Unibanco, the result would already show part of the impact of the level 2 red tariff flag on electricity bills. They state that, next week, Enel will determine the tariff flag for January, which they expect to be yellow.

Today, the Chamber of Deputies must consider a project that increases the transfer of certain taxes from union to municipalities, and may have related financial implications. The economic team is on alert to block the vote. The mayor, Rodrigo Mia, adjourned the session at 6 pm today, simply approving the government’s time to settle the grounds and withdraw the agenda.

Asian stock markets closed sharply on Tuesday following yesterday’s concerns from Western markets about a new strain of coronavirus identified in the UK, which may be more contagious than Kovid-19. The United States’ strict audit requirements for Chinese companies were also weighed.

The Nikkei of the Tokyo Stock Exchange fell 1.04%, while the Kospi of the Seoul Stock Exchange fell 1.62%. In Hong Kong, the Hang Seng declined by 0.71%.

In China, the Shanghai Compound fell 1.86%, and the Schengen Compound fell 1.76%.

In Europe, despite concerns about the new coronovirus strain, the stock rises.

In the United States, stock futures operate mixedly, after Congress approved a $ 900 billion economy stimulus package.

On Christmas Eve, this Tuesday agenda brings December IPCA-15 as a highlight, published by the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE) at 9 am.

Following the recently recorded inflationary pressures in Brazil, the number should indicate an acceleration of the indicator in relation to the November data.

In addition, the Chamber of Deputies today should consider a project that increases the transfer of certain taxes from the union to the municipalities, and may have related financial implications.

In the United States, the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of the third part of the day and the final reading of the third quarter are shown by the US Department of Commerce, 10:30 am (Brasilia time). The previous reading was a decrease of 31.4% compared to the quarter. The expectation is an increase of 33.1%.

The main attraction, however, is the confidence of the American consumer, with data released for December 2017, at 12 noon (Brasilia time). The previous reading was 96.1 and the expectation is 97.

  • According to an unauthorized version of the lawsuit filed by 10 states, Alphabet’s subsidiaries, Facebook and Google, work with each other to “cooperate and help each other” when faced with an investigation into their pact to work in online advertising “Has agreed to. Last week the Google file, as submitted, cites internal company documents that were heavily drafted.
  • Boa Vista Serviços informed a factory factory sent to the Brazilian Securities and Exchange Commission (CVM) last evening that it had completed the acquisition of Accord Certificate Participants’ 100% digital debt Raingate platform.
  • BRB – Banco de Brasília yesterday reported in a material fact sent to the Brazilian Securities and Exchange Commission (CVM) that the Board of Directors authorized that planning for follow-on (secondary issue of shares) a process in which The publicly traded company returns to the market to offer more shares on the stock exchange), in alignment with its strategic plan, to expand its business.
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