US agency urges NSA to reconsider $10 billion cloud infrastructure contract taken by AWS

US agency urges NSA to reconsider $10 billion cloud infrastructure contract taken by AWS

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US billionaire remains hot amid dispute over contracts Microsoft It is on heroine. hey US Government Accountability Office (sing) said, last week, to National Security Agency (NSA) that the agency should reconsider the $10 billion cloud infrastructure contract Amazon Web Services. Microsoft challenged the competitor’s GAO concession, as revealed in August of this year, questioning how the valuation was done.

According to a publication in The Register, GAO said Microsoft has the right to challenge the US National Security Agency’s $10 billion cloud computing contract, saying it considers parts of the NSA’s assessment “irrational”.

According to GAO’s statement on the known project, “GAO considered some aspects of the agency’s assessment to be irrational and, in light of this, the NSA re-evaluated the proposals in line with the decision and made a new source selection determination.” As in “WildAndStormy” (or WandS).

After AWS won the award for the WildAndStormy project in August, Microsoft challenged the handling of the process that led the competitor to win the billion-dollar project. A while back, Amazon did the same thing, when Microsoft took over jedi project, which also included a decade-long $10 billion single supplier agreement.

The GAO’s statement said the GAO’s decision “does not express any opinion about the relative merits of AWS and Microsoft’s proposals.”

Nick Wakeman, editor-in-chief of Washington Technology, highlighted in his column that Gao’s decision is confidential. “Heavy negotiations between GAO, AWS, Microsoft and the NSA are needed before a public release can be seen, but it remains a possibility. After a security review by the NSA and the companies to clear all proprietary information, it remains a possibility,” the GAO said. Subsequently, it intends to issue a public version of the decision,” it published.

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Friday’s decision is virtually confidential, as Microsoft’s protest record contains confidential information, register.

The publication highlights which bidder will most successfully meet government requirements, reserved for procurement agencies, subject only to statutory and regulatory procurement requirements.

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