US airlines warn of potential ‘chaos’ if 5G is not limited near airports – 01/17/2022

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WASHINGTON, January 17, 2022 (AFP) – The presidents of ten American airlines issued an alert on Monday (17) to warn officials of potential “chaos” that could result from the activation of ultra-fast 5G network technology in the vicinity. will represent. of airports. , in a letter obtained by AFP.

A federal aviation authority said, “We are writing to urgently request that 5G be implemented beginning January 19 in any location except 2 miles (approximately 3.2 km) from airport runways, as the FAA recommends.” defined by.” The letter is also signed by cargo giant FedEx. and UPS.

Two days before the 5G network went live, the airlines said “immediate intervention is required to avoid major operational disruptions to passengers, carriers, supply chain and delivery of essential medical supplies.”

American airlines and cargo companies are concerned about the consequences of the new network on planes because of potential collisions in control equipment.

The presidents of these companies, including American Airlines, Delta or Southwest, fear, “in a day as of tomorrow (Sunday), more than 1,100 flights and 100,000 passengers will be subject to cancellations, diversions and delays.”

“Given the short time left and the importance of this completely avoidable economic disaster, we respectfully ask that all necessary steps be taken to deploy 5G, except when towers are very close to airport runways. ,” urge the United States Government. FAA and Telecommunications Agency, FCC.

The airline advocates a pause “until the FAA can determine how this deployment can be completed safely and without catastrophic disruption.”

In early January, airlines received a new deadline until this Wednesday for the activation of these new band frequencies.

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Concerned about potential interference issues with aircraft altitude-measuring instruments, the FAA has issued new guidelines that limit the use of these flight mechanisms in certain situations.

American Airlines protested the potential costs of such a decision, urging officials to find a solution as soon as possible.

In December, manufacturers Airbus and Boeing also expressed “concerns” about potential conflicts in the equipment of their equipment by 5G in a letter to the US Department of Transportation.


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