US and allies wary of announcing new sanctions

US and allies wary of announcing new sanctions

Biden began with announcing sanctions on separatist territories, but it remains to be seen what economic measures he intends to target the Putin regime. First retaliation package to be announced today, but hesitation in Washington and other capitals

The United States and allied countries are expected to announce new sanctions against Russia this Tuesday, according to a Reuters report quoting US administration officials. Negotiations are taking place between the White House and the governments of European, Asian and other American allies.

US Representative to the United Nations Linda Thomas-Greenfield announced after a UN Security Council meeting last night that Tuesday would be D-Day. Law and the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine. We want, want and should remain united in our call for Russia to withdraw its forces, return to the diplomatic table, and work towards peace.”

On Monday, Joe Biden signed an executive order banning US trade and investment and two separate sectors that Russia has recognized as independent. But this move, aimed only at separatist regions with very little economic weight, was less known and was not aimed at Russia.

The fact is that Vladimir Putin has chosen to use force slowly and covertly, hiding behind separatist zones and sending troops into Ukrainian territory labeled “peacekeeping” with the US response and allies. obstructing the agreement for a firm response.

According to the New York Times, Putin’s maneuver “challenged the United States and Europe to decide how quickly to proceed with imposing severe sanctions on Moscow, seeking to balance punishment, deterrence and the maintenance of unity.” ” among allies. ,

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At first, sources in the US administration explained that they would not impose a comprehensive sanctions package on Russia, claiming that its actions on Monday did not mean new offensives. According to CNN International, Washington will be waiting for Russian moves that make military incursions into other Ukrainian territories more pronounced.

Biden spoke yesterday, at the end of the day, with French President Emmanuel Macron and German Chancellor Olaf Scholz. Today, the US President and Secretary of State will hold further telephone conversations with their Ukrainian counterparts.

The British government is also expected to unveil the first package of sanctions on Russia today, with Foreign Minister Liz Truss defending that Putin cannot fail to be “punished”. Boris Johnson will lead a meeting this morning to define the first package of economic sanctions on Moscow.

Truss spoke with Josep Borrell, the European Union’s High Representative for Foreign Affairs, yesterday to refine strategies with 27. In addition to economic sanctions on Russia, London admits to increasing military support to Ukraine, as acknowledged by Boris Johnson in a telephone conversation with the president. Zelensky.

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