US and Philippines to resume military exercises in 2022 as UK and Australia observers

US and Philippines to resume military exercises in 2022 as UK and Australia observers

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The US and the Philippines plan to return to full-scale joint military exercises in 2022, and are expected to invite Australia and the UK as observers, as part of the Biden administration’s bid to deepen ties with the Indo-Pacific region. Another sign of push.

US Indo-Pacific Command chief Admiral John Aquilino told a news conference in the Philippines capital that the US wants to “increase the complexity and scope” of its military exercises with the Philippines and is looking to invite new partners to join the training. making plans. , manila, foreshadowed Pelo South China Morning Post.

For his part, Filipino military chief Jose Faustino reiterated that the United Kingdom, Australia and Japan are among “like-minded” countries that could join the exercise as observers.

China, however, does not oppose the military exercises of other countries, but hopes that “they are not aimed at anyone”. [Estado] Third,” said the Asian giant’s foreign ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian at a regular press conference in Beijing, quoted by the media.

The increase in military involvement comes after the US, UK and Australia unveiled a security partnership last month, called AUKUS, that allows Canberra to acquire nuclear-powered submarine technology.

While some Southeast Asian countries expressed concern that the above treaty could trigger a regional arms race, the Philippines widely supported the initiative, warning that Manila would be all Indo-Pacific, reported the South China Morning Post. Wants to maintain good defense relations with countries.

Early in his term, Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte intended to end military exercises with the US, seeking to build ties with China. But in recent months the Philippines has turned to its long-standing alliance with Washington amid tensions with Beijing over South China Sea dominance.

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