US approves budget plan to pursue $ 1.9 trillion package

US approves budget plan to pursue $ 1.9 trillion package

Washington (Reuters) – Attempts by the President of the United States, Joe Biden, Due to approve $ 1.9 trillion aid package Coronavirus It gained momentum on Friday when the US Senate passed a budget plan that allows Democrats to pursue legislation in Congress in the coming weeks with or without Republican support.

After 15 hours of debate and vote on dozens of amendments regarding the approval of budget amendments, the Senate found itself in a 50 x 50 draw. Was the deadlock broken by Vice President Kamala Harris? Conquered Democrats.

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer said it was a comprehensive first step, which Biden put at the top of his legislative agenda.

Just before the final vote, the Democrats reversed the previous three votes and offered amendments that Republicans won.

He used the fight for aid against the effects of coronovirus to express support for the Keystone XL pipeline between Canada and the United States, which Biden blocked, and of hydraulic fracturing to extract oil and natural gas from the soil. For.

An amendment by Republicans banning aid to migrants living illegally in the United States has also been reversed.

Presiding over the session, Democrat Harris broke the 50 x 50 deadlock to reverse the Republican victory.

It was the first time that Harris, in his role as Senate President, voted to break the tie in one vote after Biden was sworn in as deputy on January 20.

Before finishing its work, the Senate approved several amendments to the budget plan, which had already been passed by the Chamber on Wednesday. As a result, the House now needs to vote to approve the Senate changes, which may take place later this Friday.

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For example, the Senate added a measure that calls for more funding for rural hospitals, whose resources are under pressure due to the epidemic.

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