US assesses how to “directly” help Cubans after protests – 13/07/2021

US assesses how to "directly" help Cubans after protests - 13/07/2021
WASHINGTON, July 12 (EFE) – The White House said on Monday that the unprecedented protests in Cuba were “spontaneous” and denied that the US sanctions exacerbated the economic crisis inciting them.

In addition, the US government said it was evaluating how to “directly” help the Cuban people.

At her daily news conference, White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki said she has no announcements at this time about a possible change in US President Joe Biden’s policy on Cuba.

“(But) obviously, given the protests that have taken place in the last 24 and 48 hours, we are looking at how we can directly help the Cuban people,” he said.

In April, Psaki assured that changing Cuban policy was not a priority for Biden, even though his predecessor Donald Trump had taken several measures to reverse the “thaw” in relations with the Caribbean country, which has dented Cuba’s economy. Was hit hard.

Asked whether Biden now sees Cuba’s policy as a priority in light of the protests, the spokesman refrained from answering “yes” and simply said that what happens on Washington Island is closely followed. Will monitor from and “will try to support the Cuban people”.

The Biden government showed just three weeks ago that it had no particular interest in reversing Trump’s policy by voting against an annual resolution condemning the US ban on the United Nations General Assembly, instead staying away like the former government.President Barack Obama.

At Sunday’s protests in Cuba, Saki said that “everything indicates” they were “the spontaneous expression of a people tired of economic mismanagement and government repression”.

“These protests were inspired by the harsh reality of daily life in Cuba, not in any other country,” he said.

Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel accused “mercenaries paid by the US government” of organizing the protests and blamed the US trade embargo for the country’s grave humanitarian and health crisis.

Asked about this, Psaki argued that the US sanctions imposed 60 years ago “allow humanitarian goods to reach Cuba” and that Washington “expedited any requests” that would allow the island to be “medical”. or to export humanitarian supplies”, as well as goods. Agriculture.

Psaki addressed the situation in Cuba when Biden himself spoke about the protests, which he described as “a call for freedom” in a “daring” exercise of “fundamental rights”.

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