US court indicts ex-pilot in 737 MAX software crash

US court indicts ex-pilot in 737 MAX software crash


United States Federal Court convicted this Thursday (14) Former Boeing Pilot Mark Forkner For information, he and the company told about 737 MAX PLAIN Aviation Control Federation (FFA)

Forkner, which has been under investigation for more than a year, is accused of defrauding the company and airline customers to profit the company millions of dollars in savings.

Prosecutors claim ex-pilot paid “Materially incorrect, incorrect and incomplete information” About flight control software used in aircraft. joined the system Two fatal accidents in 2018 and 2019. all in, 346 people died in the episode.

software, which . is referred to as MCAS, in some situations pushed down the nose of the aircraft.

“In an effort to save money for Boeing, Forkner reportedly hid vital information from regulators, said US Attorney General Chad E. Meacham.

Boeing and the Justice Department announced in January that they had reached an agreement $2.5 billion To perpetuate a criminal charge that the company conspired to defraud the Aviation Control Federation.

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