US Embassy Action in Brazil Encourages Entrepreneurship in Goiânia

Ação da Embaixada dos EUA no Brasil estimula empreendedorismo em Goiânia

Goiania – Between November 5 and 7, the US Embassy in Brazil will be hosting a 3-day startup Goiânia. The free event features partnerships with 3D Startups, CCBEU, Goiânia Innovation Network, Partners of the Americas and Renovari.

The action is aimed at the entrepreneurs and candidates of the state of Goa. There will be a total of 72 hours of programming to teach entrepreneurial skills in a practical environment. In registration, which closes on 31 October, participants will be able to choose whether they want to attend the event virtually or in person.

Selected people will learn how to start a business, develop a prototype and build a model to get started. The program will also provide mentorship and training for participants who will be able to present their ideas to a panel of entrepreneurs at the end of the training.

Participants who complete the three-day program will be able to apply for funding of up to $1000 to get started.

For more information and registration visit right here.

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