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According to data released on Thursday (28) by the official statistics office (BEA) of the US Department of Commerce, the US economy has decreased by 3.5% over the previous year.

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) forecast a 4.3% decline in US GDP in 2020.

In the current dollar, the decline was $ 500.6 billion, to the level of 20.93 trillion.

Annual Changes in US GDP – Photo: Economy G1

Last year’s decline in GDP reflected consumer spending, exports, investment in private investment, non-residential fixed investment and a decline in spending by local governments.

They were partially offset by increases in federal government spending and fixed residential investment.

According to the BEA, the decline in consumer spending has come mainly from services, particularly food and housing, health and recreation services. The decline in exports, on the other hand, was registered in both services (emphasis on travel) and goods (especially non-automotive capital goods).

In the fourth quarter, there was a 4% growth year-over-year, compared to the previous three months, when the North American economy recorded a record high of 33.4%.

United States Quarterly GDP – Photo: Economy G1

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