US House approves 2 impeachment cases against Trump – Negpoca Negócios

US House approves 2 impeachment cases against Trump - Negpoca Negócios

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(ANSA) – Chamber of Representatives of Us On Wednesday (13), a second impeachment process was approved in favor of 232 votes against President Donald Trump and 197 against.

In addition to the Democrats’ vote (221), 10 Republicans also approved a measure that accuses the president of “inciting rebellion”. Left four Republicans.

The approval comes at least one week after the inauguration of President-elect Joe Biden and follows the Capitol’s January 6 invasion.

In four pages of accusations, Democrats still cite the reasons for Trump’s sacking, in addition to the speech that provoked supporters to go to Congress, “false allegations of fraud” in Biden’s election victory, and Georgia state prosecutors Their pressure against. To reverse the ballot result.

The session was initiated by House Speaker, Democrat Nancy Pelosi, with the president saying “there is a clear and immediate danger, and the rebellion must be prosecuted, condemned and removed”. According to the majority leader, the invaders were “not patriots, but terrorists” and reported that “Trump has instigated a rebellion against the nation and should be dispatched”.

Speeches defending the president and attacking the Republicans were expected to last a minute. Even many Republican duties stated that they were in favor of punishing the president, but opposed impeachment as it would create more problems for the country.

Now, the text goes to the Senate to vote, which is currently in recess. The senators are scheduled to return on January 19, a day before the senators’ inauguration, and there are many doubts about whether or not one of Trump’s biggest allies, President Mitch McConnell, would anticipate the session.

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In a note sent to congressmen, McConnell said he had not made a final decision on “the impeachment process when we vote” and would hear “legal arguments to be presented to the Senate”.

If the senators vote before the 20th, Trump could be dismissed before Biden’s inauguration. If the vote is due after the date, senators will end up defining whether the president will have his political rights to try to continue his political career.

– Second impeachment: This is the second impeachment case opened against Trump, an unprecedented fact in American history.

First, defeated in the Senate in early 2020, Trump was accused of asking the Ukrainian government to aid Biden’s own investigation. If proven, Republicans will be charged with treason.

Since Democrats have a majority in the House of Representatives, they managed to go through the process – unlike this year’s vote – without the support of any Republican, but impeachment was not formalized because Republicans had control of the Senate . (ANSA).

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