US league suspends round over harassment allegation against Paul Riley

US league suspends round over harassment allegation against Paul Riley

The US Women’s National Football League (NWSL) has suspended the round from the weekend after The Athletic website condemned coach Paul Riley for sexual harassment.

In a statement on its website, the NWSL said the games would not be played due to “the seriousness of last week’s events”. The new date for the round was not disclosed.

League commissioner Lisa Baird says the strike is intended to “give everyone a place to reflect” and is “the first step in collective action to change the culture of this league.”

“This week, and much of this season, has been incredibly painful for our players and staff, and I take full responsibility for the role I play. I am deeply sorry for the pain that so many People are feeling. Get on the field this weekend, to give everyone a place to reflect. Business isn’t our concern right now. Our league has a lot to do, and our players deserve a lot more We took this decision together with the players’ union, and it will be a first step in a collective effort to change the culture of this league, something that should have happened,” he said.

Paul Riley was fired from North Carolina Courage yesterday on a sexual assault charge. The coach denied wrongdoing and said the allegations were “completely false”. However, the coach admitted that he used to socialize with the players, which included night outs.

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