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US health officials have reported an increase in the number of Kovid-19 cases in the country over the past week, moreover, stating that “as long as the epidemic is fully under control, it will take a little time”. In this context, he called for the population to remain circumspect with measures such as the use of masks and social distance, while the country continues to vaccinate at a strong pace with the goal of delivering 200 million vaccines against the first 100% of the virus. On the day of the year. Joe Biden Government.

Rochelle Wallensky, director of the American Center for Disease Control (CDC), said during a virtual press conference that the US has recorded 57,000 new cases of Kovid-19 per day on an average over the past seven days. . The result represents a 7% advance compared to the average of the preceding seven days. Wallensky said he was “extremely concerned” in the numbers and stressed the importance of “controlling things now”, otherwise there may be a new “leap” in the epidemic. She commented that control of the epidemic “still takes some time”, but highlighted the country’s progress in terms of vaccination. In this context, he stressed that people continue to wear masks and adopt measures such as social distance.

Coordinator of the White House’s response to the Kovid-19 pandemic, Jeff Zeders commented on the goal of delivering 200 million vaccines in the first 100 days of the new presidency, doubling the initial goal. According to him, to achieve this, the country needs to maintain an average of the last two weeks, with 2.5 million vaccines applied per day. Patients said it was “clear that there are reasons for optimism”, with epidemics progressing in the epidemic, but they also stressed that this is not the time to rest in a health crisis. He also said that 45% of the elderly in the country have already received two doses of the vaccine and this population will continue to be a priority. “In mid-May, we will have vaccines available for all adults in the country,” he said.

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The US government’s chief medical adviser, assectologist Anthony Fauci, commented on a comprehensive survey that has been launched so far in the country, with the participation of several universities, to give advance information about issues that a person may have already been vaccinated against. Whether done or not it can still infect other people. According to Fauci, the study will guide future measures to deal with the epidemic in the country.

Fauci was also asked during a press conference about a statement by Robert Redfield, a former CDC director, that the Kovid-19 virus may have appeared in the Wuhan laboratory and “escaped” from the site, which is spreading to the world. Fauci said it was Redfield’s opinion, but commented that there are several possible options for understanding the initial moment of a health emergency.

US officials say they expect an independent study on the case. According to Fauci, the virus may have been in circulation for a month when it was actually detected by China, so it already has a good ability to move and spread quickly among humans.

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