US pledges new measures against supply problems

US pledges new measures against supply problems

Councilor Brian Deez attends White House news conference – AFP

The White House announced on Wednesday that it will take more steps this month to ease congestion at US ports.

“We have seen very significant progress at ports, with a 40% reduction in the length of stay of containers in port”, declared director Brian Deez at a press conference.

In October, the Biden administration boosted 24-hour operations at the port of Los Angeles, the most important in the United States, to expedite cargo unloading and reduce waiting lists for ships. In November, the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach charged marine carriers for shipments that took longer than eight days.

“Later this month, we will take complementary measures with the country’s ports to find new places to pick up products and to impose new tariffs on empty containers lying idle in our ports. The Biden administration believes.” ​—that it is “the best way to help expand the economy’s ability to provide goods and services to the American people.”

Deez also estimated that the country is “in a unique and solid economic position in many aspects”, but acknowledged that inflation must be tackled, currently at levels unheard of since June 1982. “Our aim now is to assess when we are and try to solve the problems we are facing in order to try to accelerate the process of economic recovery,” he said.

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