US reopens visa service

US reopens visa service
Borders on US diplomatic representation in the federal capital reopened, issuance and visa renewal services

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Anyone planning to travel to the United States for the first time will need to arrange for a visa before purchasing a ticket. With the closure of services as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, the average waiting time to schedule an interview for the first visa is around seven months – ie May 2022. For those who need to schedule a renewal, it will take time today. Place around March 2022. “The lines are quite long, but we will do our best to expand the service and increase the number of spaces. The advice is for those who make an appointment to have a regular consultation on the website to see what the anticipation is. is likely”, explains Antonio Agnon, head of the consular section of the US Embassy in Brasilia.

With the reopening of the United States’ borders from November 8, the US Embassy in Brasilia will also resume the service of issuing and renewing visas for Brazilians from the same date. “Those who have an active visa can start traveling, but pay attention to the new rules,” says Agnon.

To enter the United States, people need to prove a complete vaccination cycle — two doses or one dose, depending on the vaccine — of any of the World Health Organization (WHO)-approved antibodies: CoronaVac, Pfizer/BioNTech, AstraZeneca , Jensen, Modern and Sinopharm. Disease detection testing will also be required prior to shipment.

Antonio Agnon recalls that vaccination certificates can be presented in physical (paper) or electronic media, with the facility to issue, through the ConnectSUS application, proof of vaccination in Portuguese, English and Spanish. “Evidence of people who were vaccinated with different vaccination agents between the first and second application will not be accepted”, Agnon says. The process of verifying the status of each passenger at the time of boarding will be done by the airlines themselves.

Since the US Consulate in Belo Horizonte no longer deals with visa issuance, residents of Belo Horizonte who need to issue or renew a visa for the first time should visit the Visa Applicant Service Centers (CASVs) in Brasilia, Rio de Janeiro. documents have to be sent. So Paulo, Recife or Porto Alegre, in this case, it may prompt a sender to take the document on the date of appointment. But, if this is the first visa, the applicant has to visit in person on the date indicated by the system while applying for the visa online.

For those who are renewing their visas, the eligibility conditions do not require a personal interview, which allows the dispatcher to forward documents on the specified date: Brazilian citizenship or permanent residence in Brazil; Have an expired US visa for less than 48 months; The previous visa is not lost, stolen, canceled or revoked; The previous visa application was not rejected; Never been imprisoned or convicted, deported or denied entry into the United States.


Fill out Form DS 160 – US Department of State website, Consular Electronic Applications Center –

Payment of consular fee. For tourist visa, $160

Scheduling at Visa Applicant Service Centers (Casvs) in Brasilia, Rio de Janeiro, So Paulo, Recife or Porto Alegre for interviews (if the first visa) or for delivery of documentation and obtaining the visa

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