US Secretary of State approves Brazil after UN vote – International

US Secretary of State approves Brazil after UN vote - International
Panels display the results of the vote in the UN plenary, reinforcing Moscow’s isolation in the international community (Photo: Getty Images via AFP)

This Saturday (5/3), Brian A. Nichols used social media to signal Brazil with US diplomacy. As the US Assistant Secretary of State for Western Hemisphere Affairs, that person is responsible for diplomatic relations between the US and Latin America and the Caribbean.

Nichols wrote, “Every vote counts in the UN Human Rights Council to hold the Kremlin accountable for Russia’s terrible actions in Ukraine. America is proud to stand by Brazil’s side in defending the human rights of all those in Ukraine “

The Secretary made a direct reference to the vote in the United Nations Collegiate. At the time, Brazil joined the United States in condemning Russia for its invasion of Ukraine.

Significantly, Nichols’ post was also shared by Douglas Koneff, responsible for US business in Brazil.

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