US study to create vaccine manufacturing hub for Latin America – 11/09/2021

US study to create vaccine manufacturing hub for Latin America – 11/09/2021
Washington, November 8 (EFE). The United States is looking to help build a vaccine manufacturing hub for Latin America and wants to support a project to do so in West Africa.

These projects could be part of a US infrastructure plan to balance China’s progress, which it will call “building better for the world”.

In a telephone press conference with a small group of journalists, including the Efe agency, a senior US government official hinted at projects the White House is considering funding in Latin America, the Caribbean, Africa and the Pacific as part of the initiative, Which has the G7. Cooperation.

“There are many projects in the fields of solar, hydroelectric and geothermal energy (which could come out of paper), and we have had several talks, both in Ecuador and Colombia, about the possibility of building a vaccine manufacturing center for Latin America. ” , he said.

The official, who requested anonymity, did not say how a potential manufacturing hub would work, but did say it was discussed during a visit by Dalip Singh, the deputy national security adviser to President Joe Biden, in late September.

Singh visited Colombia, Ecuador and Panama to hear the views of the leaders of those countries and began to shape the plan for the White House. Last week he also went to Senegal and Ghana with the same goal.

“In each of the five countries we have visited so far, we have come up with at least ten projects (which can be developed under the new initiative),” he said.

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This “does not mean that 50 projects will be launched in these five countries in January”, but rather that the list will be reduced, and the US will “start its new initiative with between five and ten projects that will testify to this”. Initiative can represent. , source added.

The US official said initial plans for the initiative would be formally decided at a G7 meeting in December, when the UK would hand over the rotating chair of the group to Germany. EFE

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