US to lift ban on entry of vaccinated foreigners on November 8 – poca Negócios

US to lift ban on entry of vaccinated foreigners on November 8 - poca Negócios

Miami International Airport (Photo: Joe Redl/Getty Images)

The White House lifted US entry restrictions for fully vaccinated international visitors from November 8, ending a landmark investigation that has prevented much of the world from entering the US for 21 months on behalf of Covid-19. stopped from.

Unprecedented travel restrictions have left millions of visitors from China, Canada, Mexico, India, Brazil, Europe and elsewhere unable to enter the US; US tourism shrank; and damaged the economies of border communities. He even prevented many loved ones and foreign workers from meeting their families.

US allies put strong pressure on the Biden government to lift the rules. Many praised Friday’s announcement, including Sweden’s ambassador to the United States Karin Olofsdotter, who called it “very welcome news.”

White House spokesman Kevin Munoz confirmed the November 8 date on Twitter, saying the policy is “rigorous and consistent, guided by public health.”

Air travelers from China were banned by then-President Donald Trump in January 2020 on non-US citizens and then extended to dozens of other countries, with no clear standard on how and when they would be picked up.

Limits for non-essential travelers have been in place at land borders with Mexico and Canada since March 2020 to address the Covid-19 pandemic.

Reuters had previously forecast the announcement of the date for Friday 8 November.

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