US urges Americans not to travel to Japan within 2 months of Olympics – 05/24/2021

US urges Americans not to travel to Japan within 2 months of Olympics - 05/24/2021

The United States State Department today (24) asked that Americans not travel to Japan, a country that will host the Olympic Games in two months. The host country has received test events that are also recognized as pre-Olympic events, as was the case with the Diving World Cup.

The US government has a system of travel recommendations that indicates the level of safety to travel in each country of the world. Today Japan was downgraded to level 4 “not traveling”. For example, this is the same level of risk of traveling to Brazil.

In updating this list, the United States included the following warning: “Do not travel to Japan due to Kovid”. The new wave of infection has also reduced the situation in Sri Lanka today.

Japan is experiencing a fourth and aggressive wave of contamination, with more than 6,000 new cases reported daily prior to last week. In the first wave, 600 new cases per day were not reached in the country, and in the second, it did not exceed 1.3 thousand. Since the onset of the epidemic, deaths have already exceeded 12 thousand.

The majority of the country is in a state of emergency, which, despite its name, is no more stringent than the current restrictions implemented in the main cities of Brazil, for example. Last week, after the coordination commission meeting, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) said that the Olympics would take place even when Tokyo was in a state of emergency.

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Japan has struggled to make progress in vaccinating its population. The vaccine has not yet reached even 5% of the Japanese, the worst rate among all the rich countries of the world. At the same time, the rejection of the Olympics has exceeded 60% in all recent elections. To try to reverse this rejection, the IOC is hitting the key that most visitors will be vaccinated. The expectation is that more than 80% of Villa dos Atletas residents will arrive in Japan for vaccination.

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