US women’s gymnastics team knocks out Olympic Village after COVID-19 case in athlete

US women's gymnastics team knocks out Olympic Village after COVID-19 case in athlete

Gymnast Kara Ecker tested positive for coronavirus last Sunday and was removed from the delegation

reproduction/twitter @usembassyjlmThe delegation will stay in a hotel to avoid contact with other athletes

women’s gymnastics team America I decided to stay in a hotel Tokyo instead of living in Olympic Village After one of his athletes tested positive COVID-19. According to coach Cecil Landi, it is safe for gymnasts to stay away from other athletes, even though it is an unusual measure. “We know it’s not ideal for an Olympic experience, but nothing is ideal during one” pandemic. We think we can better control the athletes and our own safety in the hotel environment”, the coach wrote on his Twitter. Gymnast Kara Ecker was diagnosed with the disease last Sunday. Despite the absence at the villa, the athletes were able to walk around the premises and even take photographs. Simone Biles Shared a click with Jordan Chillies on one of the symbols of the games in the village. Other casualties from the disease were Bradley Beale (basketball), Coco Gauff (tennis) and Sue Bird (basketball) in the American extinction. You Olympic Games Start this Tuesday with softball matches.

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