USA restores restrictions on flights from the European Union, Brazil and the United Kingdom – DNOTICIAS.PT

USA restores restrictions on flights from the European Union, Brazil and the United Kingdom - DNOTICIAS.PT

The press reported that the President of the United States has today banned entry into the country for the people of the European Union, the United Kingdom and Brazil and also included South Africa.

CNN television and publication Politico, which cites White House sources, said that Joe Biden’s decision reverses the measure announced by then President Donald Trump on 18 January.

The restrictions were due to be lifted from Tuesday.

The ban on travelers from the European Union and the United Kingdom was imposed by Donald Trump in March and Brazil in May.

On January 18, two days before leaving the White House, Donald Trump decided to impose a travel ban on travelers from China and Iran only.

When Donald Trump’s order was made known, current White House spokesman Jane Saki said in her Twitter account that with the worsening of the pandemic around the world and the emergence of more contagious variants, “it would lift the ban on international travel Not the best time “.

The current spokesperson said, “Management does not intend to lift these restrictions on 26 January.”

In addition, the United States will require a negative Kovid-19 test on Tuesday for all air travelers, including Americans, before flying into the country.

The measure, announced by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) on 12 January, also recommends a new examination three to five days after arriving in the country and remains in quarantine at home for seven days after the trip. .

The chief epidemiologist of the United States, Anthony Fauci, said today that, following the data released by the British government, it should be considered that the British version “could cause even more harm, including death”, adding that the vaccine was also effective. Remains against the South African version.

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According to a report by the French agency AFP, the Kovid-19 epidemic caused at least 2,121,070 deaths in more than 98.6 million cases of infection worldwide.

The United States is the country with the most deaths and also with the most confirmed cases of infection.

The latest figures indicated 3,519 deaths and infecting 176,581 people from Saturday to Sunday, with 24,982,615 cases in the country and 417,337 deaths since the onset of the epidemic.

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