USA vs Palms: Live Stream and Online and Updates (1-1) | 10/03/2020


51 ‘

Vyas hit the goal, although a notoriety has already been noted for Jimenez.

47 ‘

Yellow card for Juan Manuel Iturbe for trespassing on Benedetti.

45 ‘

George Isaac Roses started the second half of the USA vs. Palms.

“The great definition of a poet

With this goal, Pumas took the lead

Juan Pablo Vegan scored in his 130th game in Liga MX.

45 ‘

Post! Vyas took a broom, entered the field alone and fired with force but the ball did not go inside.

42 ‘

Gonzalez cuts the ball well after the nearest corner.

38 ‘American Goals

Benedetti got into the field and crossed his shot, hitting the Palms goalkeeper with his right leg.

35 ‘

A long-range shot by Dineno that cuts Jimenez well.

The goal of 28 ‘Pimas

The center of the right side band that controls and eliminates the wiggle as Jimenez crosses the right leg.

27 ‘

Martin’s shot hit the area alone but he took a loose shot which was well caught by Gonzalez.

20 ‘

Excellent savings by Oscar Jimenez on the right side of Pusar.

11 ‘

Martin fired without a goalkeeper but sent it to the goal.

7 ‘

Santiago Cicres’ shot is a corner kick that goes from the side of the goal.

5 ‘

Free shot that Oscar Jimenez gets right with his fist.

0 ‘

The capital begins at the classic Aztec Stadium.

The United States has also been hot on the Aztec court

University students are already warm

The Eagles in their traditional uniform

US lineup

Many missing players in USA vs. Palmas

Ameteka is dominated by the United States in small tournaments

Match with untitled goalkeepers

Good evening, fans of Wavell

The last match between USA and Pimas

It was the day of Klausura’s 9th match in 2020, a one-sided and power-to-power match, in which Pomeਸs had already won by a goal from Dineno in the 87th minute but did not count on Henry Martin to tie. 94th minute.

The last lineup of Palmas

Julio Gonzalez, Alan Mozzo, Johann Vesquez, Nicolas Frere, Alejandro Meyerga, Eric Lira or Andres Iniesta, Favio Elvarz, Juan Manuel Iturbe, Carlos Gutierrez, Carlos Gonzalez and Juanos.

America’s last lineup

Gymnasium; Aguilar, Aguilera, Caseres, Fuentes, Sanchez; Sanchez, Cਡrdoba, Benedetti; Dos Santos and Martin.

The main player of Palmas

Major players in the United States

The United States will use goalkeeper Oscar Jimenez before Ochoa’s injury, a player who gave breadth to the classic youth and looked for more opportunities among “juice” holders.

Pumas lost without a fight and a few points

“Águilas” will try to beat the team away

“Peugeot” Herrera’s team will try to combine the three units that will put them in the first place in the general table.

Derby of Mexico City

The feud between the two teams, which began in 1962, is growing and there is always a doubt as to whether it can be considered a classic.

USA vs. Palmas Kick-Off Time

Welcome to’s live coverage of the Gardens 2020 match: America vs. Palms Live!

My name is Alan Nunes and I will be your host for this game.
We’ll provide you with Forecast America vs. Pumas analysis, roster updates and news as live here on Bhavel.

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