USDA sells 216,500 tons of corn in week 2020/21, USDA . Is said

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There was an inaccuracy in the note sent earlier. Analysts Consulted dow jones newswiresThey expected cancellations of up to 100,000 tonnes, or sales of up to 930,000 tonnes, not the cancellations of 100,000 to 930,000 tonnes as reported. The revised text is as follows:

SAO PAULO, 19 – US exporters sold 216,500 tonnes of corn from the 2020/21 crop in the week ending August 12, the country’s Department of Agriculture (USDA) reported in a weekly report on Thursday. Volume represents a 43% drop compared to the previous week, but a significant increase compared to the average of the past four weeks

During the week, the main buyers were Mexico (190.1 thousand tonnes), Canada (62.3 thousand tonnes), El Salvador (24 thousand tonnes), Honduras (5.8 thousand tonnes) and China (2,900 tonnes), alleging cancellations by unknown destinations. do offset. (32.7 thousand tons), Guatemala (20.3 thousand tons) and Japan (15.6 thousand tons).

For 2021/2022, sales of 510 thousand tonnes were recorded. The main buyers were Mexico (307,500 tons), Colombia (88.8 thousand tons), Japan (50,000 tons), unknown destination (50,000 tons) and Honduras (5,500 tons), making up for cancellations by Guatemala (3,900 tons).

The sum of the two crops was within the estimates of analysts who were consulted dow jones newswires, in which cancellations of up to 100 thousand tonnes or sales of up to 930 thousand tonnes were expected.

The total shipments made during this period amounted to 829.2 thousand tons. Volume represents a decline of 22% over the previous week and 31% compared to the previous four-week average. The main destinations were Mexico (292.4 thousand tons), China (274.9 thousand tons), Japan (149.4 thousand tons), Guatemala (54.6 thousand tons) and El Salvador (26.4 thousand tons).

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