Utah star Jake Paul knocked out former NBA player Nate Robinson on the Tyson-Jones undercard.

Utah star Jake Paul knocked out former NBA player Nate Robinson on the Tyson-Jones undercard.

YouTube star Jake Paul won his second professional boxing victory in California after cursing former NBA player Nate Robinson.

Mike Tyson also outscored Robinson in the second round with a cultural right of the head in the final bout at Roy Roy Jones Junior Undercard.

Robinson, 36, gave his very young opponent a distance of 10 centimeters and struggled from the opening bell.

He hit 10 punches but Paul’s power hit resulted in two knocks before the final shot.

“He was better than I expected, athletic, super strong,” Paul said.

“I just want to say thank you to Nate, she was the one who really called me.

“I respect him and I don’t want to take anything from his basketball career. It takes a lot of balls to get your foot in the ring.”

Robert Robinson’s professional boxing debut was the last time he won an NBA title. Coming five years after playing in.

Paul became a professional after returning to boxing in January this year when his brother Logan took over the YouTube YouTube KSI in 2018.

Paul, who said he went to fight Robinson, who manages a broken nose, is already watching his next match.

The 23-year-old wants to step into the ring next year with former UFC champion Connor McGregor or his teammate Dillon Dennis.

Tyson V. Jones: A joke or a real deal?

It’s a fight that has disappointed many but they can’t help but 50 teammates Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr. plot to return to the ring for an exhibition match in LA

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Although encouraged by many to be just a circus act featuring two washed-up 50-sitings, Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr. will be in the ring in Los Angeles and turning the clock back to their heyday. Will try.

Controversial performances between the two great former champions have met with considerable criticism, but pay-per-view sales have been reported before the record-breaking fight as competition can not only help but also intrigue skeptics.

Former world heavyweight champion Tyson, 54, who has not boxed professionally in 15 years, threw an impressive six stones for the eight-round bout scheduled for Thanksgiving Day at Staples Center.

The return of Jones Jr. has raised fewer eyebrows. He was still boxing in 2018 and won his last four fights, although stopping Jeff Lacey in 2008 was his last major success.

The 51-year-old is a former world champion in four different weights – middleweight, super-middleweight, light-heavyweight and heavyweight.

Jones Jr. is regarded as one of the pound-for-pound boxers in history and the only man to begin his professional career as a light-middleweight and advance to the heavyweight title.

Tyson’s legacy as “the worst man on the planet” has waned over the years, but his place in the fold is certainly set to become a world-class boxer with the destruction of Trevor Burbeck in 1986, who was just 20 years old. Has become the youngest boxer. .

Saturday’s meeting between the two, of course, differs. Fighting fans who would appreciate Tyson and Jones Jr. joining the ring would claim that the fight is still full of interest.

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But Bout is an exhibition. It will not be rounded up and no blows will be allowed, leading many observers, including combat promoter Frank Warren, to claim that it is a meaningless dispute between the last two fighters.

In addition to rappers Lil Wayne and Viz Khalifa, singer Ni-Yo is among those scheduled to perform in the competition.

Snoop Dogg also performed after joining the Paul-Robinson commentary team for the fight.

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