Vaccination tours: see how Brazilians can get vaccinated against COVID-19 in the United States

To get the much-desired dose, adherents of this new form of travel are serving a two-week quarantine in Mexico; Expenses R$ 20 thousand . can be more than

Diego Maranho/Estado IngredientsVaccination tourism comes up against ethical and health safety issues, but it is already a reality in Brazil

as expected, Tourism Vaccination is on the rise. While the campaign against COVID-19 Slow progress is being made in some countries of the world, other countries have already vaccinated a good portion of their population and now have extra doses. The decision to travel may not be the safest amid the global health crisis and involves some ethical dilemmas, such as the possibility of transportation coronavirus version Or “moving on” of someone with a comorbidity who will need more of those doses. However, it is a fact that this type of behavior is already a reality and is being encouraged by some governments as a way to recover one of the most affected industries. new coronavirus pandemic. On the one hand, supporters justify that they are somehow “helping” the health systems of their countries of origin. On the other end, World Health Organization (WHO) means that an additional dose of covid-19 vaccine to be donated to covax facility so that they can be redistributed in the poorest countries. In the midst of this discussion, there is no doubt that vaccination tourism exacerbates social inequality, as vaccinating abroad requires time and money. For some Brazilians who meet these requirements, the dream destination is America.

For now, the official determination of white House is that only US citizens and residents of the country (including Brazilians living in the US) are immunized. However, it is up to each state to decide whether vaccination posts will require a document or proof of residence. In highly touristic cities such as Nova Yorkhandjob orlando I miamiThe process is taking place without major bureaucracy, although there is no guarantee that you will be able to get vaccinated. Therefore, the main difficulty is to reach the United States. a restriction imposed by Donald Trump and maintained by Joe Biden Prohibits the entry of any traveler who has been in Brazil in the past 14 days. Therefore, Brazilians are required to spend two weeks in another country outside the sanitary block, usually Mexico, for issue of entry with a valid visa and for a negative result coronavirus. Once in North American territory, it is also necessary to stay long enough to receive two doses of the vaccine with the correct interval between one and the other. unless, of course, a single dose of the immunizing agent received johnson and johnson.

Still, spending so much time abroad represents a high cost, especially with so much devaluation with real Dollar. Airline tickets only from American Airlines In July flights between Guarulhos – Mexico City – Miami – Guarulhos cost no less than R $ 4,400 (Prices were consulted in June and are subject to change) with tour operator BWT, the “Quarantine in Cancun + Orlando” package costs US$3,967 per person (about $20,500), including round-trip air tickets, 15 nights at an all-inclusive resort in the Caribbean, Universal’s amusement parks There are 5 nights inside. Complex and travel insurance with coverage for COVID-19. Later, the cost of food and drink, RT-PCR test and possible visits have to be taken into account.

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Vaccine tourism isn’t just about the United States. On Russia, to anyone . can get a free dose of Sputnik V, provided you present an identity document, such as a passport, in the case of foreigners. The same immunization agent is being offered san marinoMILF Within an Enclave Italy, for only €15 and upon presentation of proof of booking at a hotel in the area. The Metropolitan Health Director of Panama, Israel Cedeno, has also indicated that foreigners who are visiting a country may be vaccinated with the available doses, which are from pfizerbiontech And yes astraZenecaUniversity of Oxford. already Maldives Islands They plan to start doing so soon to boost their heavily tourism-dependent economy. Despite already being called “visit, vaccination and leave”, the program has no start date yet as the priority is to guarantee the first and second doses for all residents of the archipelago.

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