Valorant developers discuss the roles of agents

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the arrival of a new duel for valorenti This week shook the gaming community. The next week, Neon is joined by four more agents of the same class, the youngest of them. However, as new agents are introduced, many question whether the character necessarily needs to play the role they were given.

Chambers, for example, the last Agent released before Neon, was introduced into the game as a Sentinel, however, due to its abilities, it can perform a different function. Keeping this in mind, Valorant developers answered some questions related to the theme.

Valorant character creator Jon Gosky shares his thoughts on the current categories of agents and how they might change in the future.

“I think a lot of these categories are broad. We always thought about the rules and what each character’s strengths and weaknesses should be. We’re constantly trying to push his limits. I think As the game develops and grows, we see a lot of these characters going back and changing their identities to other roles or developing their own roles.,

Valorant designer Ryan Cusart explains how agents fit into different quadrants, allowing each team to make sure they fit their specific role. “Sentinels and controllers may have a certain similarity and live in a small quadrant using smoke and similar resources to dominate certain places on the map. Duelists and initiators, on the other hand, have clear windows of capitalization. are committed to creating, securing space or doing X and Y”,

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