Vendor Woman 1984 star Gail Gadot tries Taco Bell for the first time

Vendor Woman 1984 star Gail Gadot tries Taco Bell for the first time

It can sometimes be easy for Americans to forget that the rest of the world doesn’t have things for us, especially when it comes to food. Although many fast food brands have a presence in different countries and regions around the world, fast food is not as prominent as it is in the United States, so it should come as no surprise to learn that Wonder Woman 1984 Star Gail Gadot has never had a Taco Bell. But never be afraid, the Israeli actress has treated this kitchen missing after thanks to Jimmy Fallon – and it turns out, she loves it.

During a fresh look at Tonight show star Jimmy Fallon, Gadot and Fallon turned to try different “cultural” foods for the first time. Fallon started Gadot with Ignogog (he was not a fan) when he competed with Sufgniot – an Israeli jelly donut that Fallon was a big fan of. Gadat then tried a ho-ho which was a little higher than the example, but it was the Taco Bell that went really well. See it at the top.

“It’s the best ever,” Gadot said. “Delicious. It’s salty. Different textures. It’s really good. I’m going to have another bite.”

Although what Gadot tried was not specifically identified, based on Godot’s expressions and the fact that it is “like a loaf of bread,” we are guessing that he made a chalupa. Tried and expressions on her face and the fact that she continued to eat as well as Fallon took his last turn and tried to gefelt fish.

Gadat is trying out Taco Bell for the first time while promoting the actress Wonder Woman 1984. The film, which debuted in theaters, debuted. However, due to the ongoing coronavirus epidemic, the release date has changed several times, now available on HBO Max on Christmas Day, as well as in both theaters. Is going to. However, the decision has caused some controversy – especially with Warner Media announcing that Warner Bros. ‘The entire 2021 film slate will have simultaneous drama and streaming releases – this is what Gadot says was the best option for it. Wonder Woman 1984.

“Look, if you had told me a year ago that this would have happened, I would have been blown away and very angry. But the truth of the matter is that we had no better choice.” Digital Spy. “We felt like we were sitting on this film for so long, we shot the film in 2018, we started promoting the film in 2019, we pushed the film four times. We felt that this film It was just as relevant as what was happening. The world at the moment when you come to a place at a certain time where you like, ‘Well, I just want people to see the movie.’

“The idea of ​​getting people to watch a movie on Christmas morning warmed my heart,” he added.

Gail Gadot, Kristen Wig, Pedro Pascal and Chris Pine starring, Wonder Woman 1984 Christmas Day opens in theaters for a limited time and is released on HBO Max.

What do you think of Gadot’s reaction to Taco Bell’s first attempt? Let us know in the comments!

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