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In its new documentary “Prayer Antiguy,” Netflix will explore the consequences of sexual reassignment therapy

Typically associated with a religion, sexual reorientation centers are places that are still faced as perversion, any gender identity or sexual orientation as distinct from the cis-heterosexual concept, known as “Simple“Because of this, speeches take place in such places”gay treatment”, where they promise – from imprisonment and prayer to surgical procedures – through various methods to straighten the cis person. despite the community LGBTQIA+ have already obtained some important rights, till date such “Treatment“Legal in Brazil and the United States.

To address the consequences of this type of organization in people’s lives, Netflix will launch the documentary on August 3.prius antigeThe film is produced by Ryan Murphy and reflects the testimony of survivors of sexual conversion therapy and former leaders of the international Christian organization Exodus, which emerged in the 1970s and “one of the largest and most controversial advocates of became treatment“From the United States, with over 250 members. The exodus only ended in 2013, after facing several crises, with some of its leaders coming out as members of the LGBTQIA+ community.

In addition to taking evidence from these two groups, the documentary will also address how people are still “promoting the discourse of” treatment“All over the world. Some of them were even dissatisfied with the exit, such as the organization Restored Hope Network.”prius antige“A film that exposes the truth in the face of the audience and allows them to reflect on both the prevailing prejudices and the power of discourse in society, and how damaging it is on the lives of those who believe or (in many cases) B.) are forced to believe.

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